Easy & Fun Activity Pages for 5 Year Old

At the age of 5, most kids start entering school and learning new things. Even though they learn many things at school, it is still important and alright to give some practice at home. However, to make the practice fun, give the kids easy and simple activity pages for 5 year olds.

Kids at the ages of 5 start learning many basic things, from reading, writing to developing their creativity. Therefore, it is important to give them the right type of activity sheet based on their age. By giving the kids’ activity pages regularly, you can develop their basic skills in all categories.


What Types of Activity Page to Give & What are the Benefits?

Well, if you are confused about what kind of activity page to give to your 5 years old, don’t worry. On this page, there are many kinds of activity pages that you can get and try. However, these are some of the best ones that people usually look for and give to their kids:

1. Alphabet Writing Sheets

A 5 year old kids must practice their writing skills as they will be entering elementary school soon. Therefore, getting this sheet will be a great practice for kids at this age. Start from practicing to write one alphabet first, then develop it to a few alphabets. Once they get advance, they can practice writing a sentence. Other than the alphabet, there is also a number of writing sheets.

2. Count & Match Worksheet

With this worksheet, kids can practice their counting and learn how to match them with numbers. So, rather than just writing the numbers down, kids will have to count the amount too. This may be a bit challenging at first but parental guidance, kids can develop a lot from this activity.

3. Tracing Shapes

Guide your kids in learning new shapes by tracing them in shapes worksheets. So, on this worksheet, there will be pictures of shapes that they must make. However, the shapes are made from dots, therefore they must trace them into the real shape. Once the shape is out, make them guess the name of the shape.

4. Math Work

Math is usually the one subject kid hate the most. However, you can change this by making them an expert in math. Give them math work problems according to their age. Math worksheets for kids at the age of 5 usually contain pictures to help. So, this way, the math won’t be so hard and frightening after all.

5. Coloring Pages

After some hard work, give some fun activity pages for 5 year olds like a coloring page. For some parents, this may seem just like a blank picture sheet. However, letting your kids color the page can release their stress and develop creativity. So, this is a great worksheet to give after some hard works for the kids

Where & What to Find these Sheets?


So, there are many activity sheets that you can choose from that are suitable for 5 year old kid. You can get a bunch at once, however, give them one day at a time. Therefore, they don’t get stress or tired of practicing at home. To entertain them, you can give the coloring sheet or the sheet they like the most at the end of every session.

Fun Activity Pages for 5 Year Old

If you want to get activity pages for 5 year olds, then your decision is right in coming here. There are various types of worksheets available from coloring to alphabet writing. Start from the easiest sheet and continue on when your kids develop.

Or you can print them all and make a booklet activity for the kids. So, develop your kids from the house by printing these useful activity kid sheets.

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