Balance Scale Worksheet for Your Children’s Learning

There is a pack of flour with a weight of 3 kilograms on the right side. While on another side, there are 2 kilograms of cocoa powder and the unknown weight of sugar. A balance scale worksheet stated that both sides are balanced. So, how much is sugar?

Some questions like that are commonly found in this kind of worksheet. It is always questioning how to balance both sides of the scale. For the children, this is certainly challenging.

What Is a Balance Scale Worksheet for?

This kind of worksheet means helping children learning how to calculate the number. Furthermore, you can also use it to test their skill in balancing. Calculating without context may be too boring for them. That is why you need a media like this to help you change their mind.

A simple “number in the box” is good to try. The worksheet will display a box with a number inside that they need to calculate to make it balance. Instead of using the standard mathematical operation like 2+3=…, this method will be more delightful.

A scale worksheet with the interesting pictures will raise their spirit to learn. Even more, if the objects of the worksheet are the items that are near their surroundings. The ingredients above are a good example to help them enjoy the lesson.

Fruits and vegetables are also the things they can find every day. The worksheet with those objects is an interesting choice to attract their attention. Your children can learn to find the balance formula while identifying each object.

The other lesson you can give by using this media is the concept of equality and inequality. They will learn to find how both sides can be as equals. In other circumstances, they can find that there is inequality on both sides.

All of the conditions have the reason to happen, and you can explain why they be equal or unequal. Therefore, your children can understand the lesson of the balance scale more deeply.

Who Need This Worksheet

This kind of worksheet is suitable for kindergarten children. It is the phase when the children start to learn basic things, but still in a fun way. Introducing letters, numbers, colors, and others need to be done with cheerful.

So do when they learn the more advanced lessons of numbers, like calculating and balance scale. It is important to avoid them from feeling stressed. Combining both a worksheet will give sustainable learning and still keep it fun.

The application of this worksheet is not limited to the teacher at school. But the parents can also use it as the habituation. They are surely easy to do the practice at home. It is especially when they use the real flour, cocoa powder, and sugar as the example above.

Where to Get That Kind Of Worksheet

You don’t need to go anywhere for getting the worksheet. We provide it with various styles of balance scales. You can choose the worksheet that is fit with your teaching style, and grab it easily here.

Balance Scale Worksheet

Not only the style, but you can also select the complexity of the worksheet. Therefore, the difficulty can be adjusted with the ability of the children. They can enjoy the lesson and you can evaluate it will step by step.

Giving your children the right learning methods in every subject is important to do. No exception for the balance scale lesson. You don’t have to be too serious. Because for kindergarten children, fun learning can be more effective learning.

Using a balance scale worksheet is a great choice to create a supportive learning atmosphere. With the various choices, you can decide what type of worksheet you will take to teach about the balance scale. Keep it being a fun learning, make it effective learning.

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