Before and After Number Worksheets

For some kids learning math could be very challenging. It is hard for them to deal with the number. So, you have to make the session feels fun. Once the kid loves doing this, they won’t realize learning math at that moment. The before and after number worksheets can help you to make it happens. Within various pictures and hard levels, this sheet is good for both in-class used and home exercise too.

There are many kinds of worksheets you can choose. All the sheets here are free, so you just need to adjust based on the kids’ level. It is not always the hard one for the higher level. If your kid seems able to do that, then why not? See the advantages of why you should use the sheets below. You will be surprised by these benefits:

1. Improve Memory

The before and after number worksheets filled with uncompleted numbers. Just like the title of the sheet, your kid needs to fill in the previous and the next number appeared. This is arranged randomly, so, it asks your kid to remember the number. Whether the position is vertical or horizontal, they must answer the correct number.


2. Encourage to Think Systematically

By doing this sheet, your kid encourages thinking systematically. Even though the questions are random, but the answer must be in sequence. The answer cannot jump and miss from the previous one. If your kid uses to think like this, he/she will grow up with an awesome strategic thinking ability in the future.

3. Sharpen Skill in Counting

It is clear that learning math supports the kid to learn to count. If they learn to fill the blank randomly like in this sheet, then their skill will get sharper. No matter how many numbers they face, they are able to finish it properly. That is why we recommend you to give the work from the easiest to the hardest.

Before and After Number Worksheets


4. Practice to Think Logically

As we said before that many kids see math seems like a problem. Indeed, one of the reasons why people learn math is to solve a problem. Thus, this worksheet is very useful to the kid in learning to think logically. How they can solve the blank part with the correct number. With an ability to think logically, their critical thinking will raise too. Both of these competencies are needed for them at school and in real life.

5. Help Kids to See Things from Different Perspective

The uniqueness of learning math is allowing people to see things from any view. This helps your kids to enlarge their mindset in the future. Filling the blank is not only about completing or answering the question. It requires a further understanding of what should the answer is to make a proper number arrangement. The more your kid uses to see things from a different perspective, the more open-minded they would be as an adult later.


6. Practice to Make a Prediction

You might think this worksheet is about guessing. Well, that is true because your kid must think about the right number. Here, they are doing a prediction about the answer. Once their guess is right, so their prediction skill will be upgraded. The harder the sheet, it requires more prediction skill. You can help them by giving a hint if they look like in difficult.

The before and after number worksheets are great to use as a start. Maybe it is hard for the kindergarten level, so you can give the sheets to the 1st-grade kid in elementary school. See what we have below and print them all. Give it to the kids every day to sharpen their numbering skills.

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