Birthday Cake Color Page for Kids

Worksheets are an easy way to train and educate your kids. One of the favorite types of worksheets that many parents use to play with their kids is the birthday cake color page. This is a page that consists of a picture of a cake but with no colors. However, the cake is not just plain but also having decoration on it to make it more interesting.


Why Need to Color Pages?

With this worksheet, kids will have to color the cake as they like. There is no rule in this worksheet, so kids can be creative and do what the like. Therefore, by doing this activity, adults can see how creative or how their kids work just based on the worksheet. Other than teaching kids on being creative, here are some other advantages of this kind of worksheet:

1. Learn Colors

Kids can play but also learn colors at the same time. While they color the worksheet, tell them what colors they are using. Like if they are going to color the bottom cake blue, tell them that it is blue. Keep on saying what they hold to make them memorize the color. Usually kids will catch faster when they see it on their own.

2. Focus

Another great thing that kids can learn from a birthday cake color page is how to focus. Coloring worksheets have lines that will shape the cake. When they color the page, parents usually tell the kids to try not to cross the line. If so, then this will make kids focus on coloring the cake so that it doesn’t cross the line.

3. Patient

When kids focus too much or seriously on the page, it can get them a bit frustrated. However, parents must calm them down and tell them it is OK if there is something wrong. Help them out with the problem so they can know how to do it right. This way, your kids can be learning how to be more patient when facing a problem.

4. Hand Strength

The easiest way for kids to learn how to hold a pencil right is by coloring. So, by giving them a color page, you are also teaching them how to hold a pencil the right way. This is the basic step on how to teach your kids how to write. Because when your kids know how to hold them, the next steps are easier.

4. Motoric

A coloring worksheet is also a very easy way to train the motoric of your kids. Even though they have difficulty on the other points, they will at least train their motoric. The movements in touching and coloring the sheet is a simple way to use their motoric.

5. Explore & Creative

Like we said before, this kind of worksheet can show how your kids think and react. They can color the worksheet with any kind of color or they color it right. This is a worksheet that can let your kids explore and be creative at the same time.

6. Relaxing & Happy

Make your kids happy and relaxing simply by coloring. When they have finished or they can color as they like, this will give them a happy feeling. This way, they will be anxious and happy when they have to do it again.

Get the Coloring Birthday Cake Page


If you are looking for this kind of worksheet, then you have come to the right place. There are many types of birthday cake pages that parents can choose from. Just print it, then color the cakes they way your kids like them.

Birthday Cake Color Pages

So, even though a birthday cake color page seems quite simple, there are many uses of it. Kids don’t just color them but also can learn many things at one time. Starting from learning shapes, colors, teaching them how to focus and be patient.

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