Fact Family Worksheets 1st Grade

For the kids who are starting to learn in school, there are several subjects that make them stress. One of the subjects is Mathematics. For 1st-grade students, learning Mathematics is a little bit exhausted than others. The example of the 1st-grade materials is fact family, you can use the fact family worksheets 1st grade to make the kids not bored with classical materials given by the teacher at school.

Fact family in mathematics is a group of numbers that has relations with each other. The relation can be addition and subtraction or multiplication and division relation. So, there are three different numbers then you guess about the relationship. Also, you can fill in the blank with the three available numbers then the clues are the relation.


Kids’ Opinions about Learning Mathematics

Mathematics, one of the subjects that can make the students cry. In the past, Math is making the students do not want to attend the school because there is no way to deliver it in a fun way. What are the kids’ opinions about Mathematics? There are three opinions about learning Math as follows:

1. It’s Difficult Lesson

Math is a difficult subject to have learned. Most kids think that it is a difficult lesson because the students have different abilities to grasp the lesson material. Also, they have (maybe) trauma about math so in their mindset mathematics is difficult because they do not want to learn it seriously.

2. It’s Boring Activity

Some of the kids said that doing Math is a boring activity. That opinion comes up because the old school paradigm on math is only counting the numbers. There are no other fun activities so it makes mathematics identical with nerds.

3. They Cannot Play During This Lesson

Most of the kids think that when they learning Mathematics, they cannot playing and doing fun activities. The paradigm of mathematics is very strict lesson makes the teacher and students avoid making some modification of learning method. So, in the 2000s the education experts are trying the new blended learning.


The Fact Family Worksheets Benefits

Learning Math with worksheets is fun because the kids will feel it is like a challenge in a game. The gamification of lesson materials creates new vibes in teaching in class and home. In-home, it will make the students more attracted to learn and study Math. So, there are three reasons using Fact Family Worksheets 1st grade as follows:

1. Learning by Doing

By using fact family worksheets, the 1st-grader will be able to absorb the concept of fact family with its relations. When they do the worksheets, they learn the concept indirectly as long as they follow the rules and instructions. So, it will be an effective method to introduce the fact family concept of the number under 100.

2. Learning by Playing

To introduce the concept of fact family materials, you must set the fact family lesson materials as the rules to them. Then, give them the worksheets as the questions must be answered so they will get the prize. This is the gamification of math lessons to encourage the kids to learn math.

3. Learning by Coloring

The worksheets that available here have various styles. Besides learning the fact family, the kids also provide a space for coloring. So, after the kids finish the fact family tasks they can color the worksheets as well.


Get the Worksheets Here!

So, the fact family worksheets 1st-grade are the solution for the kids who are scared to learn Math. You can find many fact family worksheets with many variations. Just click here to get more worksheets.

fact family worksheets 1st grade

To sum up, a parent needs more knowledge about blended learning. With a little effort, you get the answer to giving fun learning to your kids at home. By using fact family worksheets 1st grade, it makes the kids more enjoyable to learn Mathematics.

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