Free ABC Worksheets for Pre-K to Teach Your Kids at Home

Pre-K students also known as preschoolers are the kids at the age of 3 to the age of 4 that need preparation before starting the real school life. For them, one of the basic skills in reading. Before started how to read, they must be able to mention the alphabet. So, as an aid, as a parent you need free ABC worksheets for Pre-K.

The learning activity is starting at home not at school. Preschoolers must be prepared well before they enter kindergarten or elementary school. It because in the school they must have very basic skills such as knowing the alphabet, so in school it is only enrichment and trains their skills well.


Learning Alphabets

Learning alphabets is the first step in mastering reading skills. The preschooler needs to learn about alphabets because the output after learning alphabets is so many. There are three results after learning alphabets as follows:

1. Letter Recognition

Learning alphabets makes the kids recognize the letters. Then, it creates a letter awareness. So, when they are in the early stage of learning reading, they will try their best to read all the letters they found everywhere.

From here, unconsciously, they are doing self-learning alphabets by mentioning the letters on the billboard, newspaper, even on TV. It’s good for kids’ reading skill development because after they recognize the letter, they aware of the letters then it creates the habit to read from the beginning.

2. Vocabulary Development

Learning alphabets means they recognize the letter that composes the word. They will know about new words. Also, it increases their vocabulary so they will have various words to express their thought and feelings.

3. Raise Critical Thinking

After they know about the letter and start to read it, they will ask about the meaning to you. Then, they will ask you deep questions about the word that they have found just now. So, as a parent, you must realize that this stage is the stage when your kids start their critical thinking.


Alphabets Learning Methods for Pre-K

The methods of learning alphabets for pre-K is so many. However, there are several methods that can be delivered in free ABC worksheets for pre-K that you can find on this web. So, the methods are:

1. Coloring with Animal Alphabets

Coloring with animal alphabets is the favorite activity for preschoolers. It is because they coloring the animal while learning the alphabets and recognize the animal that starts with those letters. Also, it helps the kids to remember the shape of the letter using visualization of the animal alphabets.

2. Follow the Line

The second method is to follow the line. So, follow the line is focused on the motor skill and visual skill of the kids. So, they must copy the letter by following the dashed line. It is also writing exercise, so after they knowing about the shape they must be able to write the letters.

3. Fill in the Letters

So, fill in the letters is the fill in the blank with the letters. Then, it will create a word that refers to the things in the worksheets. So, this makes the kids are trying to remember the words with the correct letters. This method also rechecks their vocabularies.


Find the Worksheets Here!

So, there are more than twenty worksheets are available for you. The worksheets come up with many variations of tasks and styles. So, we assure you that your kids will enjoy learning using these worksheets.

free abc worksheets for pre-k


Finally, there are 20+ free ABC worksheets for Pre-K students that are ready to use. For other materials, you also can get it on this website. It’s free to get learning material for your kids.

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