Pre K Number Worksheets Printable

Learning with worksheets is a fun activity. The materials are delivered in the tasks on worksheets. For example, pre-K number worksheets that offered to Pre K students who are at age 3 or age 4.

The worksheet is really useful for the students, the teachers, also the parents. It is because for the students they gain the essentials of the lesson through the activity. Then, the teachers deliver the materials with an enjoyable activity using worksheets. Also, the parents can do enrichment exercises at home to recheck the understanding of their kids about the lesson materials.


Early Stage to Learn Mathematics

The worksheet available here, one of them has a function as learning media of Mathematics in an early stage. So, this pre K number worksheet is designed for the Pre K students who need an introduction to Mathematics in a fun way. By using the worksheet, they are not only filling the number or counting, but they can do coloring activity on the worksheet.

1. Number Recognition

This worksheet about learning numbers in the Pre K stage, so that will be the way to introduce the number to the students. We can call it number recognition skill, thus the students will grasp the shape and the name of the numbers. Also, they are able to count the numbers forward and backward from 1 to 20.

2. Encourage To Count

Using the worksheet makes the students want to learn more about numbers and Mathematics. For the Pre K students, they will encourage to learn about adding and subtraction lessons. They will love to learn and study it, especially with attractive pictures on the worksheet.

3. Learning Numbers with Pictures

In the worksheet, the students can learn numbers and mathematics with pictures. So, it calls a pictogram style. It uses to help the students in counting adding or subtraction operation. Rather than imagine the objects, it’s better to visualize the apple or cakes so they can learn to count.

The Reasons for Using Worksheets


There are reasons why do we need to use worksheets. Three reasons below will prove you about the necessity to use the worksheet in learning numbers for the Pre K students:

1. Easy to Get

The worksheet is easy to get because you can find them on this page. So, you do not need to search the materials on the textbooks or bookstore. It is because you can get one for free.

2. Quick Preparation

Compare with a DIY worksheet that needs a lot of time in researching and making process, this worksheet saves more time. It is because the worksheet needs less than 10 minutes to prepare it. So, the teacher has a quick preparation in these materials thus they can use their time to do other jobs.

3. Kids like Fun Activities Using Worksheets

Kids who are categorized as Pre-K students, they like to do fun activities such as coloring, playing games, taking a fun quiz, etc. Then, the worksheet is only the media. But, the teachers and parents must be creative to use the media as well as the kids wanted.

So, the teachers and parents can play a fun quiz using the worksheet, if the kids get the highest score they will get the reward. Also, the teachers and parents can ask the kids to finish the task first, then coloring the worksheets. After that, the worksheet is saved in the folder or it can be showed up in their bedroom to appreciate their efforts.

How To Get The Materials?

To get these materials is easy. You can find it here. The worksheets also available in different themes and materials, so you can search it on this web.

Pre K Number Worksheets


So, the pre K number worksheets can help the kids to learn and grasp the essence of the materials. Also, it helps the teachers and parents to give an exercise, to recheck the understandings, and to make fun of learning activities to the kids. There are other worksheets available on this website.

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