Printable Reward Chart for Kid’s Training

A reward is a prestigious thing for kids. For them, it is an achievement and one of the things they proud of. As a parent, giving a reward can motivate them to make them be a better version than now. So, you can use a printable reward chart to record their achievement thus they can save the reward points.

The reward points can substitute with the things that they want such as chocolate, candy, or desirable activity that they want. Not only using the points, but it can also have the currencies. So, when they do a certain activity, it will cost certain numbers of currency.

Rewards System

As a parent, a rewards system is an effective tool to change the kids’ misbehavior. The usage of a rewards system is to build the new behavior and habits for the kids. Parents must set rigid rules about the rewards system.

It is because the kids sometimes will greedy with the point rewards given. So, they will try to find the easiest way to get the points. For example, maybe they will lie. To avoid that as a parent should state the rules.

The rules must clear and not contain ambiguous statements. Also, please use understandable words so that the kids can understand it well.

It’s Available For All Ages


The reward systems are suitable for all ages. So, it means that from the toddlers, kids, and teenagers are applicable to get this rewards system. However, the rewards system each stage has different levels of behavior, level of rewards, also level of points. Therefore, you need a printable reward chart ready.

Because each stage has a different aim to shape certain behaviors. For example, for toddlers, the parents can give them the point if they are able to use three magic words in their daily life. On the other hand, for teenagers, the parents can give them the point of the reward if they are able to finish their mission such as saving their money.

Rewards System Can Change The Behavior

To be honest the rewards system can change the behavior of the kids if the parents do it correctly. It means the parents give clear tasks or missions for their kids. Then, the parents must give the points right after their kids do the missions.

How Rewards System Change The Behavior

The process of the kids changes their behavior when they do the mission continuously. So, when they do it repeatedly, it becomes a habit. Then, unconsciously, the habit will they do until they mature.

For example, using three magic words such as help, thanks, and sorry. When the kids use it as a habit so they get used to it in their daily life. The parents must be able to watch their kids until they can do it independently.

The parents should give the points right after they do the missions. Then, to avoid cheating as parents, you can upgrade the level of the missions without leaving the previous missions. It means that they still use the behaviors from the previous missions also try to build the new good habit with the new missions.

Get The Materials Here!


So, there are so many various reward charts available here. You can choose the reward system style that suitable for your family. It uses to make your kids encourage to do good habit and change their misbehavior.

Printable Reward Chart

Finally, the free printable reward chart is available for you. More than twenty reward charts are available here. So, you are no need to worry again if your kids still have misbehavior because you can change it through reward system treatment.

Then, you can recommend it to the teachers in your kids’ school. It is because to make them more discipline to create a new good habit. Not only at home, but in school also.